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When is the best time to go on honeymoon?

Some couples plan to start their honeymoon immediately after the wedding so as to maintain the “high” of the wedding into the honeymoon. Or so they say. For others it is the simple reason of being practical so as to maximize on the limited number of days available from time taken off from work and other commitments.

Every couple has their reasons for wanting to start the honeymoon immediately after the wedding. Some couples even leave their guests at the reception and head to their honeymoon destination.

The Ideal Time

While everyone has their reasons behind the timing of the honeymoon, if possible, a couple would be advised to start their honeymoon experience a few days after the wedding. Why? Here are three reasons:

  1. Rest: It will give some time for the couple to first, get some rest after the wedding. Starting off your honeymoon with long hours of sleep and downtime to recharge could feel like a waste of an awesome location. Sleep time means no exploring as you are cooped up in doors asleep.
  2. Organization:A couple could get some time to organize their gifts and home before they leave. Would it not be nice to come to a well arranged house that could be in a disarray after the wedding? This may not apply to all couples as some specifically ask their guests for envelope gifts rather than physical gifts. Other couples ask guests to give donations to a charity of their choice. Just like what Prince William and Megan did for their wedding.
  3. Bonding Time: The couple can get a chance to spend time with friends and family who have traveled long distances to celebrate with them on the big day. While the plan could be to do this on the week of the wedding; sometimes this may not always be the case. A loved one could only manage to arrive a day to the wedding and with all the preparations, one may not be in a position to spend some time with them. Going on honeymoon after spending quality time with these loved ones can also help wind down all that high energy from the wedding. The couple then goes on their honeymoon relaxed and without hangovers after all the wedding planning and the wedding day itself.

Getting it right

It really is about getting it right at your honeymoon as this marks a beginning in another chapter of your lives.

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