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Prince Harry and Meghan Honeymoon

Prince Harry & Meghan engagement
Where do you think Prince Harry and Meghan could have gone on honeymoon? It is said that the honeymoon destination of the royal couple still remains a mystery….but what if we could guess using some clues?
1. The engagement ring: The ring is comprised of diamonds from Princess Diana’s collection and a diamond, the center piece, which Prince Harry sourced for from Botswana (and who designed it!). It is also in Botswana that Prince Harry was able to convince Meghan to go after their second date for a camping experience under the stars for 5 whole days…can you imagine how much quality time that must have been for them to get to know each other with no prying cameras and eyes?!?!? Could this hold a special place for them to want them to extend the feeling by having their honeymoon there?
Meghan engagement ring

2. Givers: Both Prince Harry and Meghan are both philanthropic in nature, with a concern for the natural environment and wildlife. They even requested wedding guests to donate to 7 charities of the couple's choice in exchange for receiving wedding gifts. They obviously had a lot to talk about when they had a first blind date with such similar interests….perhaps spending their honeymoon in a place that resonates with this….an eco-rated facility in an exotic location could fit this bill. Eco-tourism facilities combine economic, environmental and social aspects of tourism within the communities they operate. Quite a number of exclusive lodges in East Africa are rated by Ecotourism Kenya on how well they practice eco tourism.

3. Travel enthusiasts: Both Prince Harry and Meghan are known to love travel both as a couple and even as a individuals….Meghan even once had a blog - The Tig - which she talked about her travel adventures. Perhaps a private beach holiday away from the crowds such as the one William and Kate had on their honeymoon in Seychelles could appeal to them?  
While we may never know where Prince Harry and Meghan went on honeymoon, one thing is certain, their common and individual interests and dating experience must have influenced their decision.
You could also consider this when you and your partner are trying to narrow down a honeymoon location.

Where do you think Prince Harry and Meghan could have gone on honeymoon?

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