It is common practice for Kenyan couples to have a wedding committee comprising of friends and family. This committee meets to make plans for a number of times before the wedding. The idea is to involve friends and family members who will overlook various items of the day. Such items include: the caterer, seating arrangements, décor, transport of the bridal party and the like. This is slowly being replaced by wedding planners who for a fee oversee the wedding logistics from start to finish.

It is also common to find some couples still using their family and friends to “shadow” the wedding planner and her team on the day just to ensure all is going well.

Having a Recharge

I can tell you coordinating between all these pre-events and meetings prior to the wedding did take a bit of effort. By the time we were leading up to the wedding; we were truly looking forward to our honeymoon for a chance to just kick back and relax!

As a start we decided to take a “mini off” by taking a Friday afternoon off and spending it on a farm not far from the city. The idea was just take in the fresh air and some time off….and yes we also took up the opportunity to take some engagement photos and be a bit goofy while at it! 🙂

Paul declaring his “undying love” with a bunch of spinach!

We had some time to exchange a few laughs in the midst of the veggies

And some time too to go on wheelbarrow rides! 🙂

And to go on piggy back rides too! 🙂

And even attempt the Tango! 😀

At the end of a relaxing afternoon, it was time to head back into the “busy cycle of things” as we had days counting to the wedding.