Every journey has a beginning and that is no different from Awayaa. The two: my own personal journey and Awayaa intertwine that one cannot be told without the other. My name is Liz Mugure, founder of “Awayaa”, a Honeymoon Destination Company for Couples planning to visit East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda & Rwanda) as a Honeymoon destination. Awayaa is based in Africa in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya.

The Start

Allow me to share my journey with you in starting Awayaa in a continent that I am privileged to call home.  I didn’t always exclusively plan honeymoons nor always work in the travel industry. After first working for about 5 years in a marketing department of a consumer goods company, I felt that it was time to move on to pursue what I felt was of great interest to me – Travel!

And so I begun by first taking a break by going back to school. I chose to go to Capetown, South Africa and later a bit of travel in Europe.

Enjoying some sun while in Madrid, Spain

I loved making new friends and travelling to different places – Carnival night in Sitges, Spain

Starting a company

Travelling and meeting new people and experiencing new cultures was amazing. At the same time, I was also disappointed on the poor view many people had of Africa. It did not help that at the time, my country Kenya, was experiencing conflict due to disputed election results. It was also around this time that I came back to Kenya and started a travel company – Exclusive Eco Travels.

Couple Getaways

One of the things that I have always asked when helping a client plan a getaway is “Why do you want to get away?” There is the usual “to relax, to have some fun, to recharge but the need that has endeared most to me is – “we need time away together”. Over the next 10 years, I became drawn more and more to couples. I loved planning their getaways; maybe it’s because my primary love language is “Quality Time”! 🙂

As a result I started planning couple getaways for a day, a weekend with the primary aim of them getting some alone time. This was away from the usual hustles of life. This became the start of seeking out ways on enhancing couple’s time together while away.


This eventually led to creating a partnership with Relationship Counselors with whom we would organise one day getaways for couples. The couples would get to relax in an environment that was fun, relaxing while learning how to have meaningful and great relationships with each other.