The honeymoon was just the thing Paul and I needed after months of planning, budgeting, negotiating, countless meetings with people; from our family members to wedding vendors, ticking off check lists and so on and so on..….It was a welcome escape….

Lazing a bit after a sumptous lunch on a floating restaurant

On a relaxing dhow ride to Wasini Island on the South Coast of Kenya

With some snorkelling enroute

With a sumptous Swahili lunch, the local food, waiting for us upon our arrival on the island

And to crown it all…….a honeymoon selfie! 🙂


and that is how I got inspired to help couples plan their honeymoons! :-)…a bit of a winding story 🙂 but like I had said at the beginning, Awayaa’s story intertwines with my own story and that’s why I can’t give one without the other 🙂 And so I combined my 10 years experience in the travel industry with my own personal experience to begin Awayaa, a Honeymoon Destination Company for Honeymoon Couples visiting East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda & Rwanda) as a destination.

….I do hope that you can let us be part of your own love story at the beginning of your married life!