The Start of a Journey

Every journey has a beginning and that is no different from Awayaa. The two: my own personal journey and Awayaa intertwine that one cannot be told without the other. My name is Liz Mugure, founder of "Awayaa", a Honeymoon Destination Company for Couples planning to visit East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda & Rwanda) as a Honeymoon destination. Awayaa is based in Africa in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya.

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My Love Story

My own "personal love story” unfolded with a young man whom I had met while on a climbing expedition to Mt Kenya. It didn’t really start off on any romantic note but I guess cupid had other intentions! :-) Read More

The African Wedding Affair

Getting married is more a communal then a personal affair in Africa. This can be a challenge in that there can be so many opinions and sides of people to consider. It can also be a blessing as so many people come together to ensure that the wedding is a success by chipping in all manner of ways - including financial.

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One More Step

Another key ceremony after the dowry ceremony is the kûona itaara (pronounced as kwona ita-ara). The translation is: "to see the itaara". The itaara was where the firewood was kept. Traditionally, a clean itaara, free from soot and dirt was a good sign. Keeping the itaara clean was the responsibility of the young man in the home. A clean itaara therefore was a sign of a hardworking young man.

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Time Out

It is common practice for Kenyan couples to have a wedding committee comprising of friends and family. This committee meets to make plans for a number of times before the wedding. The idea is to involve friends and family members who will overlook various items of the day. Such items include: the caterer, seating arrangements, décor, transport of the bridal party and the like. This is slowly being replaced by wedding planners who for a fee oversee the wedding logistics from start to finish.

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Our Wedding Day

Thankfully we had a lovely, beautiful day with not a drop of rain (it had been raining quite heavily over the weeks before)…and what do you know; Paul, my now husband surprised me with a solo dance choreography inspired by Micheal Jackson! How tickled was I?!?!?!? :-)

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Our Honeymoon

The honeymoon was just the thing Paul and I needed after months of planning, budgeting, negotiating, countless meetings with people; from our family members to wedding vendors, ticking off check lists and so on and so on..….It was a welcome escape…

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