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Love is color purple or is it?

If love has a colour, what is it? Is it red because of the red love hearts used everywhere during Valentine season? Or is it because it represents fire, passion and boldness? This is just one kind of love – the sensual or romantic love. Love is used to describe so many forms of affection that it could be said that there are “types of love”. Psychologists say different colours are represented by the different forms of love.

A mother’s love 

This love is considered brown. Brown is strength, warmth, security, comfort, belonging and reliability.  Many people credit their successes to their mothers because of these qualities.

Teenage love 

Teenage or “young love” (if that is what you would call it) between two young people is “yellow” which is seen as fun. Teenagers are fun loving and always on the look out for things considered fun.

Love among friends 

The emotions between two close friends are that of warmth, enthusiasm, excitement and joy. This is especially when going to meet such a friend. These emotions are related to orange.

On and on does the color of love keep changing depending on the emotions and feelings experienced. It is common to hear the expression “a broken heart” because the heart is said to be where love is felt and kept. If this is the case then, would it be said that we have multicolored hearts to match the different emotions we experience? This is similar to a chameleon which keeps changing its color depending on its environment.

Trevor Noah a South African comedian writes in his book: Born a Crime about growing up “coloured” during the apartheid rule. The term “coloured” was used to refer to a mixed race person. Trevor’s mother was a black Xhosa mother and his father, a white Swiss father . Due to the strict laws, he had to be kept a secret. If his parents were asked the colour of love, what do you think they would have said?

Stories over centuries have demonstrated that love has no boundaries and is defined not just by colors but by the different hearts that share that it.

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