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Is a honeymoon better with or without children?

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Children form a very significant part of parents’ lives. They help add a sense of purpose and become the center of their families.

Some couples may have children ahead of having a wedding. Others could be coming into the marriage with children from previous relationships as is the case with a blended family. Whichever the case, should children be a part of the honeymoon experience? They will after all, be part of the family going forward.

The history of Honeymoons

It is said that “honeymoon” was coined from two words: “Honey & Moon”. Honey because the new couple was given mead, a honey based alcoholic drink to consume during the first month together. This was believed to have aphrodisiac properties and in turn aid in sexual intimacy. As time was measured in cycles of new moons; one moon represented a month. The term honeymoon was the period of intimacy which was to be one month.

Others claim that it was so named to make couples aware that the love and romance experienced at the beginning would wane after sometime after the first month – quite a somber perspective!

Another tradition says that it was the period a man kidnapped a woman to be his wife. This is especially if he could not afford the bride price. He then kept her hidden till her family grew weary of looking for her or she became pregnant by which time it would be too late to have her back – how cheeky!

Still other sources credit the honeymoon to earlier times when a couple would after the wedding, visit friends and family who had been unable to attend their wedding. With this explanation, it certainly would make sense to have the children accompany the couple!

Here are some ideas that do not favor children accompanying their parents on honeymoon:


With the idea to get some time alone for the couple after all the planning for the wedding, children add a different dimension in planning intimate moments. Some accommodation facilities have even designed only one-room suites. This sends out a clear message – husband and wife alone are welcome!

Alone time

When a couple returns home from the honeymoon they are fully back! Meaning it is back to the day-to-day of managing a home, family, careers and other activities. Some alone time can help the couple manage better when they get back.

Special Memories

How about making memories that are just shared by the couple? Having those private jokes, that only the two will understand or exchange those glances that only the two can interpret? This would definitely help build the intimacy between the two needed long after the wedding fever. What better way than to do this then over the honeymoon?

Family / Romantic Getaway?

It does not necessarily mean that one cannot consider having children with them on their honeymoon. It just may mean some places / activities geared towards couples alone may be skipped. Then again is this meant to be a family getaway or a romantic getaway?

The honeymoon marks the beginning a couple’s life together, it helps to think it through.

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