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How to keep safe while on your honeymoon

While on honeymoon it can be easy to let your guard down. And why not? You are finally relaxed after all the wedding planning and the wedding itself. Unfortunately some bad people can take advantage of this and you need to take care of your safety.

Staying Safe

How can you be safe? By taking a few precautionary steps while on your honeymoon:

  • Safe Deposits: Hotels and places of accommodation usually offer safety deposit boxes either in your room or at the reception – use them. Especially for those important documents that would be difficult to replace while abroad or far away from your home. This could be your passport for example. Money can also be kept here.
  • Minimal luggage: Leave behind what is not necessary – do not risk carrying your wedding certificate for instance or any other important document. This is even if you feel the urge to carry it with you. If you plan to start your honeymoon immediately after the wedding you can leave it with a trusted friend or family member. Perhaps you want to carry an important document to review (though the question would be why you would choose to do this over your honeymoon!) whatever document it maybe, consider having a soft copy on say your phone or tablet. This is better than carrying around folders.
  • Hand Bags: A lady should always have her handbag in sight. It is good to avoid hanging it on the back of a chair or placing it on the floor under the table in a restaurant or bar. Some facilities offer hooks under the tables. It is good to use these or alternatively just place your bag on the table within your reach and sight. 
  • Close bags: It may sound obvious but it actually happens that many ladies leave their bag unzipped as they find it easier and faster to reach into the bag. Those few extra seconds spent unzipping & zipping can really make all the difference between giving a pick pocket easy access or not.
  • Strangers: Avoid giving too much information to strangers about your movements. A seemingly friendly stranger asking you questions about your travel plans could just be plotting when or how to target you. It may seem a bit over cautious but it is quite alright to give very broad and general statements. The listener is then not exactly sure of your movements.

Better Safe than Sorry

It doesn’t harm to take a few precautionary measures while on your honeymoon. After all the honeymoon marks the beginning of your married life, so why not start it one the right note!

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