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July 4, 2018
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How long does it take to plan a honeymoon?

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How long is long enough to plan for a honeymoon let alone a wedding itself? Does it take a year? A couple of months? What really influences the duration of planning? Truthfully, time is a relative factor when planning for anything. Ask that woman who learns that she has 8 or so months to plan for a baby coming. This is while another has 2 years to plan because of lengthy adoption processes.

Influences on time

  1. Honeymoon Location: A honeymoon spent far away in a distant country will require a number of things. This include visa applications, vaccinations, health checks and the like. This means a certain amount of time is needed to process these things.
  2. Activities: Soaking up some sun on a beautiful beach versus hiking up a mountain requires different preparation. The beach might just need a pair of sandals, sarong, swim suit, sunglasses and suntan lotion. The hike though, requires some gear as well as physical preparation beforehand. This affects the duration of time needed to plan the honeymoon.
  3. Funds / budget: One couple could be comfortable stacking up all honeymoon expenses on a credit card, another may just want to do it the old fashion way – saving up. This determines how much time is needed to save up the required funds and in turn plan for the honeymoon.
  4. Children: A couple expecting a baby may want to wait until the child is a bit older to accompany them on their honeymoon. Alternatively they may want to wait until their baby (or children) are slightly older to be left behind with a trusted person.

Happy Memories

Key to remember is that it is for your benefit to create lasting memories while on honeymoon (and good ones at that!). So why not, take all the time needed to plan for that fantastic honeymoon as it marks the beginning of your married life. 

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