When is the best time to go on honeymoon?
March 14, 2018
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How important is your wedding guest list?

newly married

Here you both are after that whirlwind romance. Maybe it was just your regular dating – a coffee date here, a movie and dinner thrown in there, walks, long phone conversations and the like. Whatever dating experience you had, the end game is the engagement. You are now getting married because you have both decided that is what you both want do. You are in love and the world is right with you.

Preparing Blind Folded

The wedding planning process gives the couple the opportunity to sample or see beforehand the cake, décor, wedding dress and the like. For the honeymoon though, the couple is left to wonder if they are going “blind”. One can only imagine what that first night away will be like. What kind of meals will be served? What kind of cocktail drinks will be on the menu? The list is endless of all the things you can only imagine for a perfect honeymoon.

A Honeymoon Planner

It is amazing how much time and planning a couple puts into their wedding to ensure that the guests have the time of their lives. This is in contrast to the time spent on planning the honeymoon. The couple at times is not clear on so many things, including what to do. An idea is that interests for both should be considered (each person still has their preferences which may not be similar to their partner’s).

A Honeymoon Planner helps by giving advice on locations, facilities, activities and all the things related to having an amazing Honeymoon experience. With their insights and experience, they can help a couple cut out a lot of the guess work.  This will ensure an experience that will be truly memorable…..in a good way!

Getting it right the first time

Ensuring that the wedding guests have a great time is important. More important though is to put thought into the honeymoon where you are beginning the rest of your lives together.

If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?” Even harder to do so with a Honeymoon!

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