How to keep safe while on your honeymoon
July 11, 2018
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October 19, 2018
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Health precautions while on honeymoon in Africa

A honeymoon is expected to be fun and full of happy memories which could be put at risk if one’s health is affected. It is not worth the risk or the hustle getting unwell so far away from home and least of all during your honeymoon!

Keeping your health in Check

  • Knowledge: If you are not sure; winging it is NOT the best strategy. This is when trying out new cuisines especially from different cultures. While the idea is to try as many dishes as possible as part of the adventure, do find out what the ingredients are. You may find you have an allergy to one of the ingredients. Worse if it is used in large amounts. Yikes! Do not find out the hard way while reacting after eating the dish. Inquire ahead of time.

  • Climate: Look up the climatic patterns of your honeymoon destination. A place in the tropics, has a prevalence of tropic diseases such as Malaria. This means medication prior to travel is necessary. Do not leave setting doctor appointments for the last minute. The earlier the better as certain vaccinations are needed a significant time ahead of travel, for example, 6 months. It also helps to get the shots in good time. Should you get a bit sick from the shots, it happens before you go on your honeymoon and not while there.

  • Hygiene: While eating local foods on the streets can be part of the adventure, be wary of the hygiene standards. Street food can be prepared by cooks with dirty hands or salads prepared with dirty vegetables. Refer to a trusted local guide to help make the right picks.

  • Follow instructions: Sleep under a sleeping net if told to. Wear long sleeves during the evenings (even though it feels warm). Apply insect repellent cream if advised. It just may mean the difference between being bug free and keeping away from stings and bites which can affect your health.

  • Medical Insurance: Take out some medical insurance while you travel. This always helps and especially should you get into a situation where you need to travel back home with medical assistance. Your cover ensures this is done with no stress on your part.

Far and Away

A honeymoon marks the beginning of married life. How much it then needs to begin on a happy and positive note especially when you have traveled so far to celebrate the start of your married life!



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