Who runs Awayaa

Awayaa is run by Liz Mugure, who discovered her interest in nature and the outdoors while in the corporate world which led to her resignation eleven years ago and a year of studies and discovery in Cape Town, South Africa and part of Europe. This ultimately led her back to Africa and her home – Kenya - where her “true love” for nature and the outdoors is.

She has an adventurous spirit and has conquered Mounts Kilimanjaro & Kenya - Africa’s highest and second highest mountains respectively….and still hopes to conquer some more mountains.She loves color, mangoes, Audis, being a wife, mother and planning honeymoons for couples, which are meaningful and will hold a treasure of lasting memories.

Who we are

At Awayaa we want to help you plan that amazing honeymoon experience because let’s face it, you can’t repeat the experience so you need to get it right the first time!.We organize honeymoons to scenic and breathtaking locations in East Africa – Kenya, Rwanda & Tanzania.

Why Us?

Because we are about FUN and GETTING THINGS DONE RIGHT! Try us out and let us help you enjoy a trip of a lifetime! We believe that variety is indeed the spice of life and that is why we have organized a variety of packages that can suit you. Please feel free to request for some customization of the existing packages, we would only be happy to help…..of course romance and cultural experiences are sprinkled into all the package options!


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